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Turkiship is an online shopping service that helps you buy any product from Turkey. We buy on your behalf, ship your order and deliver it to your door wherever you are in the World. Turkiship also offers package forwarding service.

You can buy a very wide range of high quality products of famous Turkish brands, varying from clothes, shoes, small electronic devices, household textiles, and so on.

Yes, we guarantee that you will receive your order in exactly the same condition as it is delivered to us. We also provide product photos upon request.

Most products on Amazon have their weight details. As for products from other online stores, you can estimate their weight. When we receive the products, we weigh and measure them. If you were charged an extra fee for the weight, it is refunded and saved in your Wallet. In case there is any additional shipping cost, you will pay it before we ship your order.

The volumetric weight is the weight obtained by multiplying the width (cm), height (cm) and height (cm) measurements of your package, and dividing by 5000.

You must be aware that different countries apply different customs procedures and regulations. For instance, the State of Qatar currently dictates that the commercial value of the belongings should not exceed 3.000 Riyals (around 810 US Dollars), while Norway nowadays puts the limit at 350 Krona (around 43 US Dollars).

Yes, turkiship.com is secure and protected by SSL encryption technology, which makes it perfectly safe for credit/ debit card use.

You can always return any product you purchased through Turkiship as long as the seller permits returns and the product is still in the return window. The refunded amount will be the store price of the product after deducting any restocking fees the seller imposes. In case the product was damaged/defective, you'll be issued a full refund.

We carefully check your packages when they are delivered to your address. And if your package is damaged, we will refuse the package, and it will be sent back to the vendor, and you will be informed. On the other hand, if there is no damage on the package, we will accept it. After that your package will be opened for the control, and if noticeable damage is found, and if you selected “Forward Now”, you are advised to contact your dealer. We can cooperate with you, if you initiate the return process at the end of your negotiations with the dealer.

If you selected “Order Now”, we will deal with the return/exhange in coordination with you.

PS: Packages are not precisely examined, so small scratches, damages etc. may be overlooked. In such cases, Turkiship can not be held responsible for not informing you.

Many countries have prohibitions for specific or common articles e.g weapons, certain drugs and in some cases, 'indecent' materials of all forms. Please consider your country's customs duties and regulations for your selection of purchase from Turkey. You can always advise us before your purchase. We will help you at our best with our expertise in international shipments and trade.

Turkiship tries to help you with all kinds of shopping. For this reason, please communicate with our customer representatives before forwarding us your packages in size which can be counted as freight. We will make the necessary referrals.

We can repack/combine your packages and reduce the cost of shipping. All you need is to create a request for repack/combine during the checkout.

If, for any reason, you would like to return the product that you received, you can easily contact us for it. If, return conditions of the website from which you made purchase are all satisfied, we will be happy to provide you with the service with no additional charge rather than the cost of shipment of the product to us.

You can easily follow your shipments via the tracking number that we provided.

Your packages can be stored for 30/45 (Basic/Premium members) days at our office for free, so you can keep them for future bundles. In cases exceeding 30 days, $ 1 will be charged per 0.5kg as storage fee. The storage period can not exceed 90 days. At the end of 90 days period, the packages are destroyed.

You buy the product by yourself, and make it shipped to your Turkiship address, and place “Forward Now” request on our website. Once your package arrives at our facility, Turkiship forwards it depending on your choices.

Some shopping sites may require that the billing address of the credit card and shipping address must be the same. Others may not not accept non-Turkish credit cards. You can change the address of your credit card at your bank's website as the address we provided to you. If you cannot be successful on making payment, we suggest you to continue to your shop with“Order Now” option in the homepage, so we can buy the product on your behalf.

When shopping in Turkey, you should definitely pay attention to some important issues. First, when entering your credit card information, in the Billing Address section, write your statement address where your credit card is defined. In the Shipping Address section, enter your Turkish address which we have appointed to you. Since some companies are more careful with non-Turkish cards, they may want to contact you for approval. For this reason, check your email address after shopping. Your bank may also ask your approval. If you want hassle free shopping, it is advised to use “Order Now” feature on our website.

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